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Dunno if this is really political BUT, I post it for your further eddification

Phil Perry

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Execution by cannon, in Shiraz, Iran, mid-late 19th century http://buff.ly/2sqw7vv




And to think Kim Jong Un is regarded as a barbarian for executing his friends for going to sleep during his speeches,. . .using nothing more sophisticated than a simple anti-aircraft gun. . .?


I wonder why CROWDS of people gather to witness this stuff,. . .bit like the crowds in Saudi Barbaria cheering on floggings, stonings and beheadings isn't it ?. . . wonder of there's some sort of tenuous connection in all this ?. . .no, . . can't think of one. . .



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The two halves of my brain are fighting over this,probably trying to stop me thinking too deeply about it in any one direction. The silly side says, what about the OH&S issues of splattering body fluids over 'innocent' spectators, and similar procedural issues. I don't live in such places and circumstances, so putting my W.A.S.P. slant on it is not really applicable, but I wonder at how a 'civilised' community can do such things - and spectators flock to it!


When it comes to ridding ourselves of high profile unwanted, especially the middle east despots, my preference would be kidnapping them, then leaking compromising photos of them cavorting with infidels at some luxurious resort, inferring its all paid for by misdirected donations from the zealots. Result - the man is gone, his legacy is in tatters.





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I think the poms used to flock to beheadings and hangings until the early 19th century. And drawing and quartering was a big attraction, done while alive. What changed? Better education? Not Christian teaching, it was there all along. Maybe democracy? Or maybe people having to work together (instead of isolated on farms) gave them more empathy?



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