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The 'Brexit Central' report ( for anyone who may be remotely interested )

Phil Perry

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So it's all good then...

Buggered if I know mate. . . . I don't understand all this stuff. . . .never did. . . .should never have got involved in the first place. . . . .I was living in OZ at the time of the 1970s vote to join a 'Common Market' to buy and sell goods without tariffs. . . .I would, more than likely have voted positively for that. . . .but knowing now what the REAL UNDERLYING reason for this was. . . . .I'm now vehemently against it. as they are all a bunch of unelected crooks for whom their own auditors have refused point blank to sign off their crooked accounts for in excess of Nineteen years. . . .I think that it's high time something was done to remove thiose at the top of the tree, but you CAN'T. . .as they are Crony appointed, and not ELECTED. . . .


And this my friends, is the crux of the problem and what Brexit is all about.. . .Communism,. . Marxism. . .call it what you want to.. . .an unnasailable world Government is what they are after. . .with all of us slaves, integrated with our Forcibly imported Muslim Brothers into a light brown, and compliant slave force who will all be forced to convert to Islam and do exactly what we are told to do, to service the George Soros's, the Bilderburgs, and other NWO freaks who are driving this lunatic world domination Bollox. . . . . I think they might have bitten off a lot more than they can chew with the Islamics though. . .THEY have a completely Different, VERY RIGID agenda,. . .and it's looking more and more like they are going to achieve it.. . . .Thanks to Angela Merkel, George Soros and others. . . .


With the help of a few Million bloody daft appeasing lefties and other silly people who can't see the wood for the trees. . . .


But that's just MY opinion . . .if folks don't like it,. . .I have others. . . .but they are strikingly similar. I genuinely hope that MY Daugters do not have to suffer a generation of oppression of their human rights and general sensibilities which would be at the forefront of an Islamic takeover of the Western World as we now know it. . . .We supply them with free houses and money but WE . . .hvve to succumb to THEIR CULTURE. . ? ? ? the Islamic world makes nothing, it produces nothing, it never has in the history of man. . .. . .it's whole ethos is seventh century religiousl bollox. . .which is why all of their countries are $hitholes.. . .and they have to emigrate to the West to take advantage of modern technology. . .Pakistan. .. failed state, space program, but people live in utter poverty. . . .and Britain sends them foreign aid money which it has to borrow. to do so ( to make itself feel better on the world stage ) whilst cutting pensioner payments, pensioners who have paid into the system all of their working lives. . .? . . . .Bangladesh, failed country, . . .supplied with money from the UK, but it never gets to the people who actually need it. . African States,. . .same story. . . the religion and doctrine of their Governments . . .yeah, you guessed it fecking Islam again. The Leeches of Planet Earth. . .and we are made to feel Responsible for their failures as states ?. . .then supposed to pay for their people to come to the UK and live off the taxpayers wages ?


The whole shebang is a load of bollox.



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And a bottle or two of our best red.


Well, that always helps me adjust to our changing world.

I'd love some red ned mate. . but I have a red cell count problem and have been off the grog for a couple of months . . . terrible when I've still got quite a few bottles of flood damaged stuff I bought stashed away !



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  • 2 weeks later...

I have often asked my GP for some "young pills". Well there are experimental ones which apparently have made some mice younger.


They may be available for rich people in 20 years.


But guess what they are made from? RED WINE


So in them meantime,the can do is have a glass or 2 of red.


So go for it Phil.



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