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Phil Perry

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I was going to post this in the 'Funnies' thread, but it's Political as well. . . .


Another one from 'Roving Reporter' Jonathan Pie. . . Can't remember if there's any naughty words in it. . .Subject, Theresa May, and the Media's reaction to Manchester and Other things. . .



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There isn't much on that video that doesn't ring true; twisting an interpretation on a faith to incite vicious attacks is not new and has been done through the centuries; and I am not sure people are not saying it is extremism based on Islam or hiding that fact that is predominant in terrorism today; I get the opinion that most people agree that is an issue... I am not sure about the love/hate message though... Of course, most people will hate the atrocities and the people involved - naturally... and use love to console and rebuild what can be from the aftermath. But the question is what to do - some people seem to be using the word hate as a synonym for revenge.. and I am not too comfortable with that because who does one extract their revenge on. After 9/11, some Sikh was murdered in a revenge attach is some US town - If this is the hate that is being proposed, count me out.


BTW - this is a worrying development if true - Islamic State targets Gumtree, eBay and Craigslist users for its followers to kill



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Some people are really thick and easily swayed by the hive mentality into some sort of viloent activity for even the silliest of reasons.


I read not long ago that a family in the North of England had their house vandalised by a gang of screaming morons, terrifying them all, especially their children. Apparently one of the baying 'Mongs' had read in a local newspaper that the bloke who lived there was some sort of Paedophile. So the lynch mob descended.


In actual fact, the man whose property got half destroyed was a Pediatrician.


Some close SIkh friends of mine have been abused in the street also.


All you need is love ?. NO, I think all that's needed is slightly more collective commosense.



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