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Dirt Bike Rider, Speared In The Leg!


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In my youth, (a long time ago), my mate bounced off the back mudguard of a car. He fortunately wasn't riding fast enough to break any bones. Unfortunately he was just fast enough to detach the chrome strip from the car. It entered his thigh just behind the knee and almost exited his buttock.It was close to major blood vessels, so I guess he was "lucky".


He lay (carefully) in hospital for two days while they decided how best to extract the metal. There were still some clips on the strip. In the end they had to pull it out. Ouch!


Anyway, I'm glad cars don't have swords stuck to them anymore!



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Can someone design a "fishing rod holder" that can be mounted at the rear of the 4wd, & be legal?.spacesailor

Thanks for raising one of my pet peeves, Spacey.


I believe they are illegal but I've never heard of anyone getting booked.


These lethal weapons are a stupid design. A simple improvement is for the tubes to project back from the horizontal tube, instead of continuing forward, where they could easily disembowel a pedestrian.





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My pet peeve!,


Pedestrians with headphones on & eyes down on said phone, don't get to pay for the damage they cause to a car.


Except once, in UK a motorist successfully sued someone for negligence & damage to their vehicle.


Roads for wheeled transport. not dimwitted twits who don't know cars need stopping distance.





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