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Phil Perry

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My local pub has all sorts of Old English games, . . skittles, etc,. . .but recently some bloody Kiwi has been in there going on about starting a 'Two Up' evening. . .Eric the bar manager is a bit worried about this as he doesn't know if it's A) Legal. . . or B) What the rules are. . . the Kiwi bloke says he'll organise all that. . . .any information would be useful guys. . .Quiddy Tails'em ?



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Here's a video primer for you Phil. It is the actual two-up school where I learned the game!



Brilliant PM, . . . . I vaguely remember seeing that movie way back when . . . . .I wonder why Donald Pleasance was always cast as either evil,. . .or a miserable bugger in most of the the movies he appeared in ! ! !



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Yeah, right, say goodbye to your dosh Mate if that happens.

I only waste my money gambling on the Irish Lottery twice a week mate,. . . . £0.50 per draw - three draws on Weds and Sats. . . . I pick 2, 3 and 5 numbers in the six number draw. Min possible win = £30.00 for 2 correct numbers, £300.00 for 3 numbers and £50,000 for five.


In the last five years I have scored approximately £3,500.00 on the Irish. So it isn't an expensive flutter, and I usually win something every couple of weeks. ( never won the 5 number one yet ! ) Won £300, week before last. . . so you can keep yer bloody two up mate.


( PS,. . .that wasn't a Waaaaaycist swipe at the poor Kiwis was it Bex ?. . . .say it isn't so. . .! ! ! )





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