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Nuclear Detonations since 1945

Phil Perry

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Well that disposes of the nuclear winter theory. The bloody things are harmless!

I though't I might need my tin hat on after that PM,. . . what with me being responsible for some of those in the Pacific and at Maralinga. . .I did go there once and apologise to Gaia. . . . Dunno if she believed me. . . .



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Some residual radiation is good - indeed essential - for human health; the actual amount has not been agreed upon however. This may be little more than necessary - Five men agree to stand directly underneath a nuclear detonation:



Thanks for that Gnarly. . . .That was a fascinating story, A friend looked up the following comments on this movie.


The Camera Man George Yoshitake (the cameraman, not seen) is still alive.


Don Lutrel — I think this is a misspelling of "Luttrell." There is a Donald D. Luttrell in the DVA database, US Army CPL, born 1924, died 1987 (age 63)


Seems like a possibility.Maj. Norman Bodinger — unclear (not listed in the database), he may still be alive?


Maj. John Hughes — very common name, but I'm guessing he is Maj. John W. Hughes II (born 191 9, same as the above) — died in 1990 (age 71)


Lt. Col. Frank P. Ball — died in 2003 (age 83)


Col. Sidney C. Bruce — died in 2005 (age 86)


So. . . . .it appears that standing underneath a detonating Nuke did not seem to affect these chaps living quite long lives ? ?





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