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Scam Calls


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Ignore any unknown calls you may get on your phones the scammers are working overtime.


Kept getting calls from a Liberian number over the last few days and now im getting calls from some other overseas number.


This has been across three mobile numbers.



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I, in my wisdom worked out that any call not responded to in 3-4 seconds was a scam call.


Daughter ringing from Israel questioned why I always hung up?


Get a bit wary now and wait for a foreign voice before dropping the phone.


I applied for a visa to China a couple of years ago, same thing, pause, Mr phil? I nearly told him to sod off.


Good trip.





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I know this is an old thread, but ...


Got a call tonight from 02 8607 8603 purporting to be from Micro$oft 'regarding my computer'. After my "Oh really! And what do you know about my computer? said in my best astonished cynical tone, the sweet asian-sounding lady hung up. Pity, I had a few minutes, would have loved to have wasted lots of her time. Anyway, the scary bit, the number above appeared in my calling number display, but when I rang it back, "the number you have called is not connected ...." The thieves have managed to make their calls look more legit by faking the calling number display. If they put their skills to legit business they would probably earn more and be able to sleep at night.





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It's actually got to the absolute BS stage. You have to stop doing things to answer the phone as you might easily have friends/family who have problems you are half expecting calls from. Certainly cuts your output down.


My computer is going to explode, and I'm being investigated by the tax man, and I don't want more solar panels. All yesterday.. Plus the half a dozen charities wanting what I don't have. It's possible I could miss a genuine call, but I assume they would ring back. There should be some way of stopping this BS. without going out into the desert with a dog for company, but that's looking attractive, since the Doctor can't find much wrong with me. Nev



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I wouldn't have a landline either if the mobile reception was good enough. The secret is not to give your number to any organisation as they often on sell details & once others have it you will be targetted. I generally hang straight up. This morning the chinese voice got to the word windows as I was hanging up.


I don't get any calls on my mobile but then I don't give anyone that number. I have a mygov account & they insisted I give them my mobile number so they could text me a code when I log in. I refused as I wouldn't get the message anyway so I now have to answer a secret question when I log on. The do not call register is a waste of time as it doesn't apply to calls from anywhere other than Australia & doesn't apply for charities. The problem is that many charities employ call centres to make the calls for them so even if you give them money some goes to the call centre, some to their executive and administration and generally only a smidgen gets to those the charity is for.



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Better than hanging up is to put the phone down and walk away.This costs them time and increases your chances of being put on an exempt list.

I keep meaning to do this, but every time I hear the voice I can't help myself and just hang up.



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