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Willedoo, did you ride out the storm O.K.?


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Thanks everyone for your thoughts. It blew a gale here but minimal damage as far as I can see. I had a temporary roof blow off an outdoor ablution block that I'm renovating, mainly my fault as it could have been tied down a bit better. Apart from that, just a bit of stuff blown around. Having said that, I haven't been out since then so there could be a lot more damage around the district. I haven't even been down to my front gate yet so I'll do that soon and check the sheds. The positive is that the power is ok. The first 100 metres of power on my place is an overhead power line with trees beside the line, so it's vulnerable to having a tree blow down on it. The rest of the power is underground from there.


The wind gusts were bad, bending trees over at quite an angle. At one stage a big blast of sheet lightning that was miles away and very high up in the sky shook the whole house. 



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