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In RUSSIA- No Bridge. . .NO PROBLEM. . .!

Phil Perry

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1 thing I like about Russia, no oh&s. Eg walking down main street in St Petersburg and having to step over a 6' deep trench where men were working, everyone responsible for himself!

Yup, same in China, keeps you on your toes - as it should be. My industrial city with all it's machining and milling factories are all unguarded/unfenced and the incident of industrial accidents is very low.


But anyway, I love this video, wait till the river crossing at 8.30!





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No OH&S for reporters who criticise Putin either.. Nev

Best leader they have ever had in my view,. . .I really like the bloke.


He doesn't take any $rap from anyone,. . . he maintains Russian values in his country, making it very clear to immigrants that, if they don't leaaarn to speak Russian very quickly, AND embrace Russian values, then they are not wanted and will be removed from the country.


His recent statement with regard to Muslims is a bit of an eye opener,. . .basically,. . .no Mosques,. . .if you come here, we are Russian Orthodox Christian. This is the ONLY religion recognised by Russia.


Adopt OUR values or leave immmediately.


The Ukraine thing was created COMPLETELY by Baroness Ashton, and her European accolytes, who decided to fund the rebels in Ukraine. They had an elected govvernment, be it good or bad,.. . .but instead of voting it out,. . .the Europeans encouraged rebels to remove it by force, and funded this.


Now Putin is getting his own back by buggering up the Eurpoeans at every turn, and this includes Britain, . . .he is sending cheapo bombers to Argentina, so that the bitterly stupid president, Mrs Kirchner, can hopefully stir up more anti British sntiments and re-ignite the Falklands campaign to divert attention for her pathetic governmetn's ineptitude, but this seems to work, and they are getting all sabre - rattly again about a group of British run Islands nealry a thousand miles away from their mainland. . . . . Bit like the Brits claiming Iceland because it's only 500 miles off the coast of Scotland. . . .


But Putin has carefully orchestrated all this as revenge for us messing around with his borders.


I can imagine what the Americans would say, if the Russians started funding Mexico, and then were only a river and a barbed wire fence away from the USA. . . .there would be hell to pay, . . .but the parallel is there. . . . .


Anyway,. . .back to topic ( What was the topic again,. . .I've forgotted . . . .? )


Ah, Yeah. . . . .B R I D G E S . . . . ?


Anyone seen the IRONBRIDGE at Ironbridge in Shropshire ? ? ? ?


Apparently it was built by,. . .er,. . some bloke in the industrial revolution who knew a bit about iron. . . . . Might have been Tom Telford,. . .that's the name of the conurbation that surrounds it anyhow,. . . it was Britain's first cast iron bridge over a river,. . . . ( the Severn ) what happened to the first six,. .. they never taught us at skool. . . .


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