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old man emu

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Went to the AGM of Arthur Butler Aviation Museum Inc on Sunday, and they elected me Secretary, but I really just wanted to be the Publicity Officer and Researcher. But they didn't create those positions, so I do those things as part of the Secretary's job. 


I need to create a publicity network with newspapers, Australian aviation magazines and flying clubs, and that's where you can help. 


What Australian aviation magazines/papers do you read?

What are the contact details of your flying club?


To save cluttering up this site, if you can help with information, please reply to arthurbutlersociety@gmail.com



Old Man Emu

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On the Left Coast ....


Royal Aero Club, W.A. ..... https://www.royalaeroclubwa.com.au/


University (of W.A.) Flying Club .... http://uniflying.org.au/


Gliding Club of W.A. ..... http://www.glidingwa.com.au/


Esperance Aero Club .... https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Social-Club/Esperance-Aero-Club-137933340332899/


Bunbury Aero Club .... https://www.bunburyaeroclub.com.au/


Collie Aero Club .... https://collierivervalley.com.au/local-listings/collie-aero-club/


Kalgoorlie-Boulder Aero Club .... https://www.facebook.com/KalgoorlieBoulderAeroClub/


The Sport Aircraft Builders Club .... https://www.sabc.org.au/


Curtin (Uni) Flying Club .... https://www.curtinflyingclub.com.au/


Beverley Soaring Club .... https://www.beverley-soaring.org.au/


Manjimup Aero Club .... https://www.manjimupaeroclub.com.au/


MidWest Aero Club .... https://www.midwestaeroclub.com.au/


Narrogin Gliding Club .... https://www.narroginglidingclub.org.au/


Pearce Flying Club (RAAF) .... https://www.facebook.com/learntoflyperthwa


Police Aero Club of W.A. .... https://www.pacwa.com.au/


Superlight Aircraft of W.A. .... https://www.slacwa.org.au/


Northam Aero Club .... https://www.northamaeroclub.com/


Albany Aero Club .... https://www.albanyaeroclub.com/


I'm not sure what interest there'd be, amongst members of W.A. flying clubs, in a bloke whose airline was based in NSW, and who only serviced the Eastern States - but I guess if they're travelling around NSW, they might be interested in what he did.



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