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Chairman Xi's little golden haired boy at it again.


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According to the Weekend Herald Sun, Andrews has had his lawyers file a restraining order preventing the release of 100 pages of documentation on the lockdowns he has subjected Victorians to, the longest in the world. This from the guy who can't remember. Smells like something fishy going on.


Good, honest, open, transparent government from Victorian Labor. 

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I treat a lot of youtubers with a certain amount of skepticism. For example, while I often agree with Friendly Jordies, it is clear his political affiliation is with Labor and sometimes he lets them get off lightly.


But, with "Swollen Pickles", who I have been following for a bit, I think she just simply calls out BS.. and for her (who I think is a NSW resident), it is ScoMo and now the new premier but previously Berejiklian.


Of course, she could be BS-ing... I guess.. but maybe this video would explain why she uses generated voice...




Anyway, the point I was wanting to make, is that in answer to Peter's concern about not releasing the documentation - it appears the modelling has been released - at least according to the first video I posted.. a fact that should be easily verified..



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