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US versus the rest


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Lobbying in countries is bribery and corruption, especially in Aus. Vested interests always get their way when they deal with politicians and senior bureaucrats, it's all about money and for politicians that means supporting political party members and vested interests, donations and jobs after politics.

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Same over here in the UK... It was all exposed when David Cameron lobbied for Greenshill Capital - guess what - David Cameron had share options that would have been worth a handy few million if Greensill didn't go broke. The irony is that David Cameron as PM sponsored a law that prohibited ex ministers from lobbying for 2 years after they left office - apparently his attempts were literally days after the 2 year expiration period.


I guess though, Greensill couldn't offer enough of a bribe to get their own way - which makes sense as they were going broke - so at least this time, a civil servant mandarin blocked attempts to give them access to COVID money and COVID business.


But, other firms have done very well, thank you, out of their lobbying efforts.

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