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Lost in a SatNav vortex.

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Today I drove from Tumut to Wee Jasper, or at least that was the plan. I set the destination in my SatNav in my Toyota and headed off. The roads got narrower and narrower until after a couple of hours the SatNav announced that we had arrived. It was a desolate spot on a bush dirt track. So I gave up and set Tumut as the destination, hoping there was a better route than the one I had followed. It took me down narrow wheel tracks in a pine forest until I reached a spot with a sheet of corrugated iron announcing Road Closed. At this point I gave up on the Sat Nav and chose my tracks by compass heading, soon finding a good sealed road that took me back to Tumut. The SatNav was set to quickest and not shortest. I have been caught by shortest like this before but not quickest. Half a day almost wasted, but some of the scenery was good.

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Get the Hema maps, and you will soon find every delightful 4WD track and goat track, you could ever wish for.


Get Google Maps, and it will take you 500kms further than you need to travel, because Google Maps avoids anything that doesn't look like a 4 lane highway.

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