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Bear with me....


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There is NOTHING on earth I hate more than waiting for a phone call.


The phone call I am waiting for is a phone interview for a job = nervous as all ............................(you know what). There is nothing worse than not having eye contact with the person you are talking to.


Anyone else been through this hell?


Any tips?


Looking like it will be FIFO to 120 km north of Tennant Creek NT.


Half an hour and counting........ (12:30)



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be relaxed but don't get verbal diahorrea. Sometimes nervousness makes you talk too fast. Must be over by now. Nev

It was only the first screening with a recruitment company, but it seems I've made enough impression to get to the next stage from what they said.


Next step "The Company" ........


I've also go a list of "intelligent" questions on paper, along with prepared "your best points/worst points" (areas for improvement...), along with achievements.



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A very much unexpected phone call this morning from a company I left my CV with several weeks ago....


I fly out to Townsville tomorrow and start near Cloncurry FIFO on Wednesday.... 2 weeks on 1 week off all flights/accom paid for.spacer.png


It is only for three "swings", but it is a start (foot in the door goes a long way..)



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