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iPhone video question


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I recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a hand-me-down iPhone 6 previously used by my son. I have been learning how to take videos with it but I am having a problem, and hope someone here might be able to assist me. When I play a video back on the phone or on my laptop, it flashes like alternating between two exposure settings, or like there is a floodlight to one side flashing on and off. I tried to upload an example, but the file was too large for this site, so I tried uploading it to Facebook. FB does some processing of the video before you can view it, and whatever they do appears to have corrected the video on their site. However I uploaded it to Dropbox, and the problem still exists there.


Click on the links below to see two examples. If you know what causes this effect and how you correct it, please let me know.





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