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Atlantic Storm 'Dennis' Hits UK

Phil Perry

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The driver of the car I was in , pointed out the signs .


" EV only" on the road we were traveling. 




 I would assume the EV only sign was next to a charge point (which is fair enough) there is no ban on ICE vehicles.  What was announced recently  by the British government is a plan to ban sales of NEW ICE cars from 2035. This does not include used ICE vehicles. This means the fleet will change only on the basis of new car sales.  2035 is a long way off.   In actual fact these bans will never have to be enforced because people will naturally upgrade to more efficient technology.    



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Boris reeled the ban on ICE cars from 2050 to 2035. 15 years is a long time, but would imagine the time to get most manufacturers that survive to have competivie battery tech will take that long. Also, hydrogen is developing well, too.. And yes, there may be a natural move to cleaner tech, but really, only when the per unit costs come down to compete with ICE..


Noticed in the news today, Slomo from marketing was peeved with GM pulling the Holden brand.. So what? They're all made O/S anyway.. Is GM quitting Aus? Doubt it... Market s already voting with its wallet...


Also in the news today - Airbus are slowign down production of current planes to research cleaner fuel methods...


Market is talking and companies listen far quicker than pollies..



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