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An acquaintance of mine has a new iPhone, which he carries in a pocket that is (relevantly) below waist level. He has discovered something dramatic. What he has found (fortunately on occasions when he has been alone with his phone) is that when he farts he will often hear Siri's voice saying, "I'm sorry Dave, I didn't catch that." The voice recognition system in the iPhone operates entirely on the basis of acoustic physics, not at all on linguistic phonetics. It attempts to match sounds with signal types that it has been trained to respond to in certain ways. The truth is that it cannot tell the difference between a labiodental fricative and an anal fricative.


It can't distinguish between when you're saying something sensible and when you're talking out of your r's.



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The person who can invent a phone that distinguishes between a person talking sense, and a person talking sh*t, will be on a clear winner.


I refuse to let any device record my voice, and allow some unknown global corporation to utilise that voice recording, to data match and carry out other nefarious research with it.


It's more than just coincidence that Google place the "microphone" icon, so close to the "search" icon on their search toolbar. I don't know how many times I've gone to hit "search" and had "listening" pop up.


I go through my Google account regularly and clear out all the snatches of sound files. If Google want to hear my voice, they can pay me for it, just like people pay high-profile politicians to spout their "knowledge".



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