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Still banging at 94


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Geezus, he stands right alongside the thing when he fires it, and doesn't even wear earmuffs!! Have you ever been near a 152mm howitzer when it fires?


The noise and concussion is huge, and our blokes use a lanyard to fire 105mm's and wear earmuffs to be able to hear again after the firing. 


But the Daddy of them all is the M107, 175mm self-propelled howitzer. The Yanks located two of these in Nui Dat, and set off an artillery barrage every afternoon, into the Nui Dinh Mts., a VC and NVA hideout.


They would start about 16:00Hrs and go for an hour or more. When they were firing, the concussion would shake the mirrors on the walls of our huts, and we were probably 400 or 500 metres away.







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