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A warning to consider when posting


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I've been a member of many types of forums over the years, and seen many end up in nasty brawls. This is the latest that I have seen:






Due to a recent legal issue involving a dealer and myself, this forum is from this point forward, shut down. Due to the settlement costs, the pressure of the legal dispute, the falling quality of members and members’ ongoing disregard for the rules and regulations of this forum, my hand has been forced.


I will not lie, the legal dispute put a very large amount of pressure on myself and my family. The issue that the dealer took issue with is a member here posting a thread in which he opined that they may have been selling fake optics. Another member insinuated that the dealer knew exactly what was being sold. The issue was then resolved by the distributor, and I was sued for defamation.


The case has since been settled out of court, leaving me out of pocket a significant sum of money for a uni student working part time.

Shooting.com.au was a great forum for the amount of information it held, and was a fantastic resource for anyone interested in shooting. I don't pretend to know anything about the legal situation of recflying and the extent to which recflying might be open to legal challenge, but this is a really good example of why it is important to watch what you say online, for the sake of others if not for yourself.



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This site is covered in many ways including the site rules where post liability falls on the person creating the post and finally if it went to a legal challenge they can have fun suing a "Legal Trust" that has no assets other than just the site content, so the site would keep going and new content would start fresh the next day...however, we do try and keep everything above board for everyone's protection as best we can



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Guest Andys@coffs

Legal action should be risk vs reward... If structured so reward is non existent then logically no one will proceed....


However that assumes no emotions..........a very dangerous assumption to make!



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