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Road Rage: Car v Bicycle


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'Grotesque attack': Cyclist sideswiped, thrown from bike in road rage incident


Although I would never condone this sort of action, which looks like it may be retribution for something that happened earlier, I don't think putting out videos with the sort of message and article actually helps things at all. It is shocking, no doubt, but clearly, the driver is peeved about something that happened that is not on the video clip. Again, not condoning it and as the article states, everyone has the right to arrive home alive (and I would add unhurt by malicious activity) regardless of the mode of transport.


But what the cycle council are understandably putting out and effectively what the article reproduces is that this is bad (which it is) and the implication is they cyclist is innocent in the whole thing. What is really required is while everyone has a right to get home alive on their chosen form of transport, they also have an obligation to be considerate of those who chose other forms of transport and be cognisant of their impact on other road (or transport) users.


I used to ride a bicycle to work on average, 3 days/week (central London/central Melbourne). My other form of transport was either train (if drinks were planned) or car in Melbourne/motorbike in London. In both cities while riding the trundly, I found the other commuters that presented most danger were in fact other bicycle riders; in my experience, many - especially the more competitive riders are inconsiderate to other road users and seem to believe they have a right to use the road in they way they like with impunity.


I have no problems with cyclists filtering to the front of the queue. I don't even have a problem with cyclists jumping red lights - when safe to do so (such as when a pedestrian pushes the walk button and crosses before the light goes red - it is clearly safe for the cyclist to continue; crossing Camberwell junction on a red, on the other hand is generally not). But, I have seen cyclists cuto off other vehicles, get to the front of the queue and plonk themselves in the middle of the road preventing an orderly flow when the light goes green (you should see what they do on the advanced stopping lanes here); run red lights when clearly it's not safe; over or undertake when not safe or out of visibility of the driver and then get into a rage when the driver proceeds and almost mows them down.


The reality is that if one is a road user, they have to obey the road laws and be considerate of other road users if they want to enjoy the use of the road - there is no pecking order (and nor should there be). Of course, mowing someone down intentionally is not justifiable in any circumstance, but as traffic ever increased on our roads and people get more and more frustrated with lack of progress, it would appear a concerted education program aimed at all road users may be the ticket to stop things spiraling out of control.



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You are Wrong !,


Cyclist Do not have to obey any law, Because it's not compulsory to read or learn the road rules.


No licence, tax, or warrant of fitness, to be on the road.


And in Australia were ridding in trailers, is taboo.


it's OK for cyclist to have couple of kids in a trailer on a major road, again with-out insurance, let alone breaks.





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Agreed - doesn't make it right and it is a bit cowardly (get out of the car before one knocks over the cyclist and have a go - that would be more "honourable"). Point is, I can only see this sort of thing continuing until all road users are considerate of others (and largely obey the road rules)



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