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Have you ever had one of those days...


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Where it started fantastic - Got every green light in the drive to the station; out of the car and into the train; at work, managed to smash through the first lot of work; and then, slowly, things start going the other way; a mildly belligerent and bellicose meeting with those normally collegiate; a slight reversal of an agreement with management for some unknown reason, where common-sense rationale becomes ignored; and then, bang! :fall:Out of the blue comes an announcement, about something that literally knocks one's socks off (although, admittedly, not entirely unexpected and hence, in some ways, the shackles are in a stange way released).


It was one of those days, today! Haven't had one for a while. Wonder what tomorrow has in store...


When was the last time others had that sort of day?



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