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Old Koreelah

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I'm guessing you didn't see your own contradiction there, who's fault is it that both Parties drop their pants and take it up the nether regions from the Yanks? Yeah, the voters...

Where's the contradiction? That's a chicken and egg debate. Even if a major party did offer a less American-dependant foreign policy, it would be under surveillance by US security services, undermined by US-funded lobbyists and crucified by the right-wing media. Good luck trying that; then again, it might fare a little better than some of the people championing human rights in China.


Embarrassing that New Zealand can tell them to sod off....

Sad but true Bex, but you're just repeating what I've often said.


How's the Sydney to Brisbane NSW Nth Coast section coming along BTW?...

No need to twist the knife.


The Press in China is relatively free to report whatever facts they like..

It sure is much more open than it once was, but many issues are still verboten, which is why Google is only now returning to the Chinese market- with censored search engines. Don't get me wrong- I understand why China needs state control over the media, given national turmoils remembered by the older generation- just don't try telling us it's as free as ours.


Point with that is, I see daily what goes on in China, 13 years now, all you guys get is nonsensical American derived propaganda...

Not true. Here in Oz we have many sources of info on what goes on in the Middle Kingdom.


I don't know where that paranoia comes from, quite laughable really considering Oz is a lackey for America...

That "paranoia" comes from seeing the not-too-subtle intimidation of our ethnic Chinese media, our universities and businesses. From seeing our politicians and infrastructure being bought.


Since the 1970s I have studied China from afar and have great respect for its culture and inventiveness. I am also aware of the tremendous historic insults inflicted on China by the rest of the world, including Australia. That China is once again regaining her place in the world is right and proper.


Just don't expect us all to "tremble and obey".



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The USA is scared that China will usurp its position, and rightly so.


While USA vilifies China and many other nations, it is not good for any of us.


Look back at how many countries China has invaded in the last 200 or so years or even further back and then look at the record of USA.


Look at how USA has treated Cuba, Viet Nam, and all the middle East nations and then say You prefer USA to China.


Just look at USA Korea relations. The latest is that USA is saying Korea is not de nuclearising the peninsular. How many nuclear armed warships, aircraft and land based military do the Yanks have in S Korea?



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