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Photography colour test


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I have been fascinated by the fact that photos of exactly the same dimensions can have vastly different file sizes. This can cause problems when posting photos online and there is a file size limit. I decided to run a test and took a series of photos of solid colours. Using a photo editing software, I resized the camera image to the normal upload size of 1024 x 768 pixels, and 100% image quality for saving. Here are the results:




It's interesting that a green image is a larger file size than a more complex check image.



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If your editing software allows you to set the image quality, enormous file size reductions can be achieved with very little discernible quality to the image. Take the following image for example. The 100% image at 1024 x 768 would not load because the file size was too big - 571.2 kb. I reduced the image size to 800 x 600 to reduce the file size to 363 kb. I then resaved the same size image at 90%, and the file size was 128 kb. The difference is barely noticeable.








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