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A well known young member of this forum who I have known online (and met in person) for quite a few years now got married 4 years ago today. Anyway...his beautiful wife is a musician songwriter known professionally as Elizabeth Rae and I have been listening to her first originals album on iTunes, FLOWERS, for the last week or so...and I wouldn't normally worry too much but I really do enjoy this album and I am stunned at her incredible talent so I wanted to share it here because this girl deserves to go a long way. I figure the only way I am going to see this artist play in a stadium show is if she gets famous so please buy her album and help to make it happen.


So...Do yourself a favour.



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Lovely voice,song is qite nice havent heard the rest of the album,it does sway to country music which is not my choice of music, good luck Elizabeth,Thomo must have tripped you up to get you LOL,i remember him well from his forum comments its good to see nice young people get on with thier lives.


Cheers gareth



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Easy to get depressed with the state of "young people", but then you hear someone like this, and you realise all is not lost.


Elizabeth is playing at St Marys in Sydney Saturday 24th March 2018 at 5.30pm.


Video is on her website, along with pics, future performances and other info.





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