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WHY . . . .are British Special Forces still messing around in Afghanistan ?

Phil Perry

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Thread title was a rhetorical question. . . .the Afghanis have been kicking the Ar$e of the British for over a hundred years. . .this time with the help and support of our 'Friendly' Pakistani Intelligence services ( ISI ) Protecting and supplying the Taliban with Materiel.


What a total waste of Lives and funding.




SAS soldier cut head off jihadi with a SPADE after running out of ammo




After running out of ammunition, he used the spade as a weapon when the fighter charged at British soldiers.


The sergeant – a veteran of dozens of battles – cut-off the ISIS fighter’s head with one blow.


And after killing him, the Brit then used the gunman’s own weapon to kill more militants.


Sources say the brutal battle took place six weeks ago during a patrol in Eastern Afghanistan.



*** That's Him prosecuted and jailed for Yuman Rites violation then. . .***


( If any of this $hit really happened. . .I can't imagine the SAS actually broadcasting what they're doing, nor anywhere that they do it. . . makes sort of nonsense the whole ethos of 'Special' operations really doesn't it ? . . .[ Rhetorical as well ] )



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