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What the hell is going on??


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Alan Jones, Eric Abetz, Corey Bernardi, Kevin Andrews, George Christensen.


Five people whose opinions I generally despise, whose utterances force me to turn off the radio, in short, as the old saying goes, on whom I would not piss if they were on fire.


Yet this week I agreed with each of them.


Alan Jones, conservative shock-jock, was on Q&A blasting the proposed Adani coal mine. Shockwaves rippled through reality.


Abetz, Bernardi and Andrews - two of whom form Tony Abbott's cheer squad and the other believes Abbott is too far to the left - have all spoken about the need for an audit of all MP's and senators to ensure they're legally elected under Section 44. The walls of reality came crashing down.


(Of course, their motivations are questionable. Abetz and Andrews want to overthrow Turnbull and get a conservative back on the throne - failing Abbott, his nastier shadow Dutton. Bernardi seems to consider the whole LNP a bunch of namby-pamby pinko commie lefties, so enjoys throwing the occasional grenade among them from time to time.)


George Christensen, a man who's publicly stated that as god put coal in the ground (here I was thinking it was vegetation, swamps, and lots and lots of time), then it's his religious duty to dig it up and burn it - is in favour of a banking royal commission and may even cross the floor over it. The remains of reality's walls turned into butterflies and fluttered away.


I know that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but I never thought that any of these nasty characters would ever express an opinion that I agreed with.


What a strange week.



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