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Remembrance Day soon. . .

Phil Perry

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From my point of view, they were the cream of their generation, wasted by stupid generals on an even more stupid conflict. But I am proud of my grandfather who was one of those Australian soldiers the english would have executed for disrespecting english authority. Mind you, my grandfather should not have volunteered to go there to begin with.



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Local shops in the town, as well as the British Legion office, have posters saying that 'NO POPPIES ARE FOR SALE. They are FREE. Please take one. If you wish to make a donation, that's fine too'. Last year I saw the kids coming out of a local high school and there were hardly ANY not wearing a poppy. The school was Cardinal Griffin, which is a Catholic school. . .although they do take non catholic students too. They must have had a darned good history teacher perhaps. . .?



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