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London Mayor Sadiq Khan says ( repeatedly. . ) "London is a SAFE City. . .tourists are welcome. . ."

Phil Perry

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A Humorous response to Mayor SAD IQ Khan's latest message to tourists that London is safe. . . . ( He twitters stuff like this almost on a daily basis BTW. . .)




8:36 this evening, . . Breaking news . . 3 people stabbed at Parson's Green Tube Station. . .One dead. . . .


The Media / Government : "This incident is not being treated as terrorist related. . ." ONE HOUR AFTER THE EVENT.. . .Gee, aren't they FAST at inviestigating this stuff ? ?


Perpetrator in custody, not being named. . . .definitely nothing to do with Islam. . . . .dum de dum. . .


Pardon me for seeming slightly cynical here, but when a White, Welsh bloke ran over a dead Muslim man, who had been sat on a chair in the middle of a road,. . .and who had already died from a Heart attack,. . .the Government / Media NAMED HIM within one hour of the incident taking place. This has now gone down the memory hole and there is no further information available about it. Odd ? . . . The Parson's Green attempted Bombing, where the bucket bomb, containing nails, bolts and other shrapnel, packed in amongst 2.5 Kilos of TATP explosive, ( Tri-Acetone Tri-Peroxide ) failed to detonate,. . .( Had it done so, it could have destroyed most of the train and it's occupants, along with many people standing on the station platform. . . Was also regarded as 'NON - TERRORIST RELATED'


The attempted Bomber has been charged with 'Attempted Murder' . . but since no one actually died,. . .he will get a paltry sentence in a comfy, muslim run jail,. . . ( as most of them now are. )



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Makes perfect sense.


The political pendulum keeps swinging. In terms of immigration it has swung too far to the left (and this is a long-time lefty saying this).


Lots of mid-ground people feel powerless and voiceless. As result, they protest by joining the rabid far right.


Who benefits? The big end of town manipulates the masses and rides the wave to greater power... when will we ever learn?



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