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Phil Perry

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Richard Branson on his prvate Island of Necker, also in the path of the Hurricane, is 'Alleged' to have taken refuge in his Wine cellar.


Well,. . .I suppose if you're going to Drown, it might as well be in some of the world's most expensive wines ?


Seriously, I hope that the bloke and his staff are OK. He sold me some of my best records, by mail order, from Virgin Records in London in the late 1960s. . .when no one else had 'em in stock !



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Wine cellar, nuclear bunker... either way, he should be OK and have enough supplies to see him through.

I truly Hope so. I might not agree with his political stance, but to have one's home destroyed in a terrifying natural disaster circumvents such trivial things. . . . .



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But a cellar, that's the lowest you can get, with a storm surge of 40 feet on top of them, they will need "aqualung's".spacesailor

Saw a picture of his Gaff yesterday. . .it looks like he built his 'Cellar' + house on top of a decent sized hill. . . .or built the hill for that purpose !



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