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What's the point?

flying dog

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It is hard to ask a question to which you don't understand.


I don't understand what is happening, I don't understand why it is happening - mostly - and I don't understand how to deal with it.


I COULD do some things but they are EXTREME and would be equivilant to burning my bridges. I don't think that is a good idea at this point.


I guess that is a problem of living a "black and white" type of life, when really there is so much colour. It is hard to adapt things which work in black and white to work in colour.


I think I know what a piniata feels like.



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Yes Nev, but sometimes the collateral damage should be avoided.


I have enough scares to not really want any new ones simply for the sake of "what the hell...."


I don't have enough energy to keep putting up with this sort of stuff.


Now and then letting the rope slip is ok, but.....


Am I at the end of the rope?



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LIFE{ } doesn't wait while I am needing rest. I am at the coal face and have no support.


As I see it I really don't have many options. Either I "dig" or I "die".


There is no support team, there are no back stops. I have just made a couple of life changing decisions and am waiting to see what happens.


I am thinking "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best." but hoping isn't helping the situation where I need to sort of prepare for the worst.


Fingers on the transponder ready to set 7700.



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We are all different. I tend to be ready for the bad outcome and pleased when it doesn't happen. It's not realistic to expect everything to go well ( not saying YOU do). Everyone I know goes thru $h1t sometimes and it can seem endless. There is always someone worse off, if you look hard enough. Nev



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Looking at someone else who is "worse than me" holds little constellation for me.


There will always be people better and worse. So comparing myself to someone worse doesn't really make me feel any better.


I am also concerned that the "light at the end of the tunnel" is actually the train heading straight for me. spacer.png


I am old enough also to know bad things happen. Alas looking at it: It is more bad than good.


Sure the good times are good, but gee the bad times are just as bad.


I also know that when you are in $hit upto your neck, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!


Alas that also makes it difficult to call for help.



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Yes Turbo, I know.


Alas as hard as I am trying, it isn't working.


Also "time" is not happening as it should.


What some people say should take a second is taking me a lot longer.


So although I am "steping back for a different perspective" the act of moving the legs and that happening is not happening as quickly as I would maybe like/want.


Subsequently I am suffering in the mean time.


Alot of my "plan B"s are - as mentioned - drastic! And if applied there is little/no chance of going back.


I don't think that they are the best solution at this point.



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There are people who can help with this, and they may be worth talking to. You will get more help than on a flying forum.


They can help you get that perspective that is hard to see when at the coal face.


Why not chat to a GP or give Beyond Blue a call?



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Yes.... kinda.


Alas some of these people "pidgeon hole you" to fit their expectations so they can tell you what they want to tell you.


They don't really understand or know the REAL problem - though it is argued that I am not telling them.


Gee, if I *KNEW* I would be able to deal with it. But because I don't know/understand and am unable to put it in words it is beyond impossible to explain it.


What is going on inside, in my mind, where ever, makes some horror movies I have seen look tame.



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