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There's some great names. "Rimsting" (sounds painful), "Tittmoning" (what, they aren't big enough?) and "Wackersberg" (what the Titanic did.)

Nah,. . .what the Titanic did was Schleidenpastzerdampftfekkenfreezenbergenuntbrekkendershtarbordseidenkaput.


I Love German,. . .I mean, why use lots of words when you can say it all in one ?. . .


Bavarian Beer is really GOOD. . .as long as you don't have to drive afterwards !



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I'm currently looking around Bavaria for our next holiday, when I came across this - pardon the pun.Just wondering how the residents refer to themselves...


Google Maps


Whilst trolling about doing some crap posting this evening Marty, I came across a couple of commenters discussing Bavaria, (on NTTC, a weird site but no matter. . .) and Germany in general. I have nicked a selection of their responses to my question about my Aussie Mate and family looking at a vacation there. . .Is it safe, is it good etc ( I've only flown over it and that was 9 years back ! ) Unedited, so if I've missed some naughty words, forgive me Ian !


I asked permission to copy paste.


Well hopefully things have improved since last year? ( This Guardian article is 12 months old Marty )





Very safe. I don't know if the cities are full of somalis and other assorted muzzies nowadays but the cities are not much to write home about anyway. I'd stay out in the countryside - the German alps are wonderful around Garmisch Partenkirchen, Berchtesgaden and Neuschwanstein Castle. Is he taking the train around or the car? You can get special family passes for the train which are very cheap although the trains can be a bit slow.


Got a relative who lives there, who has no concerns at all. Also another who lives in Dortmund who has made no comment either, both have children so I assume as I said above.


I'd give it a miss in favour of the Sudenten in Poland. But be out by bonfire night.


Yep liked kudowa zdroj, interested to learn churchill liked going there for a holiday too


You will see enrichment everywhere.even in lovely towns like Weimar. Think Bath having a load of somalis dumped in it However I do not know what its like after dark as the kids are in bed. There are certain bits of Berlin I would avoid like around the Kottbusser Tor in Kreuezberg during the day. I took the kids to Tropical islands too. No major worries and lots of Turkish kids having a fun day out too


yep definitely i would have no concerns whatsoever. i will be taking my brats to berlin and then down to prague next month.


It's OK. Even Munich for a day. Slip next door to BW and visit Friedrichshafen, it is a nice place.


FCS Tell your mate to steer well clear of Frankfurt it's like fkn planet of the apes and it aint safe for whitey women. I work there 2 dayz a wek so I know.


Hope this is helpful. . . ( Comments courtesy of the denizens of 'Not the Telegraph Comments' the actual Telegraph closed BTL comments a while back )





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PS, Dunno how long you are staying, nor what your overall plan is, but if you get anywhere near Tiny Croatia,. . ( ! ) My mate Steve Buck owns a vineyard there, but he grows Olives. Processes Olive Oil and flogs it.. . .he bought the property just for the accommodation really, but then found that the ancient olive presses were actually viable, now he's employing some locals to pick the fruit and run the Olive Oil production plant. .. all using 150 year old techniques and gear. .


Fascinating area of Europe that is, and the coast is to die for. . . Great beaches, and scenery, . . .dirt cheap, high quality food and beers. . . and Lovely people. . .downside,. . .tongue twisting lingo, although not quite as bad as the magyars ( Hungary ) Saying something simple like 'Good Morning'. . . there requires a mouthful of gravel. . . .( Tip. . Klingon is easier to master )



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Not as bad as the Japanese, for "fish" . Fuckumaru, means fishing boat.spacesailor

My Anglo-Japanese mate Shindo ( Joe to his friends ) said that 'FUKUSHIMA' is a word meaning 'Fck me, why did we build that fekkin stupid Nuke reactor only ten feet above sea level Boss man san ? ? ? . . .I don't know if this is true or if he is jerking my chain. . . . . .The only words I know in Japanese are :


Ohayo : G' Day.


Sayonara Bye Bye. . .


Arigato Thank you


Domo Arigato Thank you muchly


Doh Itashemashte Don't mention it.


Nana The number seven.


NOT sufficent to get a job in the land of the rising sun methinks. . .



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