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When is theft, theft?


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Is it me, or are police (around the western globe, anyway) increasingly reluctant to get involved in criminal matters?


In this article: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/missing-car-how-facebook-restored-a-1975-hj-statesman-de-ville-toits-owner-20170602-gwjbgp.html, it is stated that because the unwitting (if not, gullible) person dropped off their car to be fixed, the fact the conman took off with it (i.e. stole it) made it a civil and not a criminal matter. WTF? Since when did someone taking off with your goods with no permission and the intention to permanent deprive you of them not equal theft. Yes, the hapless victim could sue for conversion, but that does not allow the perpetrator to escape criminal liability, does it?


I know the law has changed a lot since I left Victoria a few years ago, but when did theft stop being theft?



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Theft is Not theft if the government do it.


In NSW. Acat the department of ageing, can assess an aged persons ability to live alone, (Acat's own rules). Then can ,with police assistance, remove old person to a locked facility, take out a "power of attorney/guardianship"


and sell their house and empty the bank accounts.


I call it theft


Similar department in Victoria.





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