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Lenin on Twitter


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I'm not a Twitter type person at all, usually avoiding it like the plague. But I find this interesting.


RT (Russia Today) news outlet has a social media project going on where they are using a combination of Twitter plus live and archived media, to portray events from 100 years ago. It's based around the Russian revolution and how Lenin would would use social media if it was available back then. It contains a lot of links which are worth looking at.


It seems like a good concept, perhaps a way to get younger, more tech savvy generations interested in history. It could be the way of the future for the study of history to survive.


Cheers, Willie.


#1917LIVE: Lenin talks socialist revolution in 'real-time Q&A' on Twitter



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I accidently found an Iranian atheist, who naturally now resides in the USA, who runs a think tank for non atheists in Iran. There are people who are trained psychologists who specialise in getting the monkey off the back of indoctrinated , fear and guilt ridden, prior believers, of many religions. These kinds of people can provide " information" to answer the intricate concerns in this case from the Koran at a level only those with that particular extensive knowledge can possess.. All societies have non believers( and homosexuals) (not the same people) in a fairly constant proportion. These can of course fluctuate due to local conditions, but we probably have more in common with other peoples than we think. Nev



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