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Looking for Deep Cycle battery advice please.


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Our Aircraft club has 4 of these 100ah batteries being charged by solar and running through the inverter in the photo. The batteries no longer hold enough charge to run the fridge overnight. I have three questions.


1. What is the most cost effective way to replace our batteries, 4 more 100ah batteries or one or two bigger batteries.


2. Are all brands simmilar if they have the same specifications or is there any recommendations from recent experience. There are significant price differences looking on ebay for batteries that appear to do the same thing.


3. Does anyone have some of these in reasonable condition that are surplus to requirements that we could pay the freight on to Broken Hill.


Thanks in advance on behalf of the Silver City Recreational Aircraft Club Inc.






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Talk to battery people. Lead acid is still being used. They will give you no of cycles of expected life. Newer ones from Tesla are 12 Kw (I think) or perhaps 10. Double the original capacity and the same price. You may not need that much. Tesla aren't lead acid (I think) I was communicating with "Lion" batteries. There are more. The inverter may be obsolete or not suitable. Nev



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Have another look at the load. A door-fridge with seals in good condition takes 3 times the power of a top-opening fridge. Any leakage through the seals means that the cold air is continually replaced with warm moist air and this makes things worse.


Off-the-grid systems need top-opening chest freezers with tweaked thermostats to run at fridge temperatures instead of freezer temperatures. Don't try to get the average housewife to understand any of this.



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