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Our life is not private


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I find it funny that a few years ago everyone jumped up and down about the "Australia Card"...the civil liberties people shouted it down however what do you think the "Medicare" card is? How many people in Australia don't have a Medicare card...at a guess not many. Plus, the way the Government is with cross matching of Social Security, Tax, Medicare, Workcover etc etc etc...you are recorded even down to your electricity bill.


A great movie that I have in my collection is called Echelon Conspiracy (also known as "The Gift")...if you can get your hands on a copy from the video library or so then watch it, it will really show you what the internet is capable of when it comes down to who you are:





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I don't think the Medicare card is anything like the proposed Australia Card. Haven't used my Medicare card in years but the AC was intended for regular use such as renting a car, boarding a flight etc. Howard was a real mixture, a creepy socialist in some areas and this was one of them.



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