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Where to now, NSW Labor?

old man emu

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Please bear with me in this, and don't go off course bagging Labor if you politics are elsewhere. I just want to talk about the the future path for NSW Labor.


Now that several of the politicians have had their trotters pulled from the trough ( and one is doing porridge) I wonder if NSW Labor has the guts to return to its roots.


I agree with those of you who point to the corrupt practices of those wielding the power to make a cock-o-the-walk or a feather duster who have abused their positions for personal financial gain. But can the rank and file regain control of policy and force the Party to develop a platform that aims to better the conditions for everyone else.


Can we return to the days when Labor was more concerned with bettering the lives of the ordinary men and women who have made this State rich by their willingness to stick to the task in goods times and bad? Or have we produced a couple of generations whose example of political activity is that of the swine in the swill?


Old Man Emu



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Whilst we (commoners) continue to allow politicians to feather their own nest with generous pay and obscenely generous "severance packages", we will continue to have career politicians who are only in the business for personal gain. Which reminds me, my own apathy has left me in a position of failing to write about it to my local member!!!



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