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Melbourne Storm


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The poor thing is probably sick of going way down to that dodgy little island and is trying to stick itself to the mainland for good:stirrer: (:sorry:sorry Marty, I guess you will say that it is missing The glorious Apple isle and is trying to break away from the mainland to get down there ASAP:no:)


But on a serious note, it doesn't look like good flying weather down that way today!



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I'm sure they will take it well Robbo, actually I'm sure they are capable of ribbing a bit back:thumb up:


I've never been down to Tassie but from what I hear it certainly sounds like a nice enough place, hopefully the spirit isn't out of commission for too long. With the loading ramp out of action they might have to beach her to load the vehicles on Until they finish repairs!



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Great work by the crew and owners- not.


It has only just been refurbished- maybe they could not afford a watch crew or some new mooring lines. Did they use those thruster things to keep it in position? Maybe the should have moved it away from the port for safety.


Just like the air, the sea does not suffer fools.



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