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Qatar World Cup


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Blimey... tumbleweeds in relative terms.. I can't think of a world cup that has generated less interest since I have been here, and even when I lived in Aus. I don't know what it's like over in Aus, but here, the press are trying to spruik it up, as no doubt, they have paid a handsome amount of cash for rights and need the advertising revenue to pay for it, but there is very little interest in it here. The only real talking point was how the England team bottled wearing an armband over the threat of a yellow card, while the Iranians showed true bravery in not singing their national anthem and bowing their heads in the violence back home. And while they may all seek asylum after the games, their families are at risk. 


In normal world cups, I love it when England are playing, as the streets and shops are literally dead while everyone packs into pubs to watch the game. A sparse number of us use the time to enjoy driving to the shops to buy the bigger items without the pain of congestion and crowding. But in this one,  there wasn't any such reprieve. The pubs had smatterings of people in comparison to days gone by. Even my son, an avid "footy" fan just gets the scores at the end of the game.. 


It looks like you can't always dress up a pig.


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