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Poor John Barilaro


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Poor John seems to be victimised as a pollie and ex-pollie even more than ScoMo. First, Jordan Shanks, AKA Friendly Jordies' relentless yootoob videos exposing the depths of his (and the NSW government's) chicanery.. Then the relentless pursuit of other YT "journos" as well as even the MSM piling in, has made life tough for the poor fella.


The appointment as trade commissioner to NY, for a state, ffs, which was claimed by the CEO of the deparment as fair and at arms length to the government before backflipping on that one, has made life even harder for him. While he is not the first and won't be the last to have a job for the boys that acheives no real purpose gifted to him, it has to be one of the most intensely scrutinsed such appointment, ever. Poor John.


And, he has been hounded by the media,  to the point where he tried to clock a cameraman and damage his camera. He now faces criminal charges, which no doubt he will be relying on the defence of provocation, as well as probably temporary insanity, given the mental health issues he has no douibt had to endure. Poor John. (In fact, I do sort of feel for him having cameras and journos shoved into his face on a private night out with friends, albeit polticial ones).


However, what is revealing is what he has said about the job for the boys saga - not that in hindsight it was the wrong thing to do (in fact, that department is the wrong thing to do).. but that iof he had of known what was going to happen, he would never have done it. In other words, "If I had of known I was going to get caught out, I wouldn't have done it.". Quite incredulous, to be honest.. and if this one doesn't end up in ICAC, god, or more accuately, dog help us.


I have been following a YT journo, who is maing a series on Barilaro's escape to New York. The series has been following the parliamentary inquiry into the appointment of the trade commissioner, which is really a damning indictment of both our pollies in power and public servants. Remember, the CEO of a department that really can't achieve that much without the federal government's blessing is on over $600k/year..


However, there was a budge estimates committee meeting in whic Mark Latham, in a performance that may well start his political redemption as a NSW MLC (nah.. he still is part of Hanson's ship show_) takes apart the new minister for the department. What is amazing, is the new minister seems to think that he is not responsible for the employment or performance of his department's CEO and Secretary. At about the 3:20 mark of the video, the questioning of the new minister commences, and another train wreck occurs... At 5:40, after this minister, who is a barrister, denies he has the legal capacity to take responsibility or employment for the performance of a minister of his department, someone points out that the Government Sector Employment act in fact makes it the minister's responsibility to make the appointment of secretary of their department.


I am no fan of Mark Latham, but I think he did a good job this time.. Exposes the absolute contempt, if not courruption, the pollies in power have of us.


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I have not a skerrick of sympathy for Barilaro - Friendly Jordies was right, and dead accurate in his description of the man, and I reckon he should now apply to the court to have his defamation case decision reversed, on the basis that everything he said (about Barilaro) has been proven to be true.

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