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Breaking the Myth


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Back in the days of the Beattie/Bligh Queensland state Labor governments, my dad used to say it was a standing National Party joke that the Labor crew had only one as new, off the shelf Akubra hat, and that they passed it around for trips to the country, facing the press in rural settings, or making press statements on rural issues. I must admit, I do remember the alleged hat, and if it wasn't the same one used all the time, then they were all the same colour and style.


Fast forward to 2022 and things have changed. The photo below is of the Premier, CMO and Health Minister at the Ekka doing a presser on the Covid situation. Even though the Royal Exibition is held in Brisbane, Labor Party doctrine obviously decrees Akubras as standard issue simply because there's cows and tractors there. It can be plainly seen in the photo that these days, they own not one, but at least two Akubras. The CMO on the left is not a government member, so he only rates a Jamaican plantation owner hat. Premier Annastacia, front and centre, is wearing an off the shelf undersized Akubra, while Health Minister Yvette D'ath has drawn the short straw with an Akubra at least three sizes too big. The poor girl resembles a roofing nail. Perhaps the Labor Party Hat Department staff got the two mixed up.




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1 hour ago, facthunter said:

At least they aren't doing a "flash" welding job in Hi Viz jackets.  You DO need a hat in  the mid day sun. "Mad dogs and Englishmen" go out in. Nev

Yes, I don't think Scummo has a future as a welder. My guess is he's warming the back bench waiting for all the corporate job offers to come in. I think he'll be waiting a long time. I can't think of any company desperate or stupid enough to want him as a board member or lobbyist.

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