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email to new wa police commissionaire

Bruce Tuncks

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He's a typical CEO - uncontactable by the plebs, and only those in the know have his contact details. I want to ask him what was his Police Force doing when all these unsolved murders were being carried out and they were unable to find the killers. We still have about 18 unsolved murders, including quite a number of young women who simply vanished.


It took them nearly 20 years to nail the Claremont serial killer, and they possibly spent around $25M in total before they got him. His trial alone cost $11M.


Then there's the Corryn Rayney killer. They bungled that one, big time, stated they knew her hubby was guilty of the murder before they even had a case, and it cost them $2.6M for the Lloyd Rayney defamation payout. Still, no-one has been nailed for Corryn Rayneys murder. Yet her hubby admitted he destroyed evidence that could have incriminated him (recording equipment).


Then there's the Shirley Finn murder - almost certainly carried out by corrupt W.A. detectives or police. No charges were ever laid, and they ensured it all went on the "back-burner" until all the suspects were dead.


Then there were the local coppers who ignored the 13 yr old girls deadly accurate sketch of the bloke who murdered a jeweller woman, Pamela Lawrence - and who jailed the wrong bloke (Andrew Mallard) for 12 years - resulting in a massive $3.25M payout when they were exposed for manipulating evidence.

I personally think we have the most incompetent police force in Australia. I'd like to think this new bloke is going to work wonders, but I doubt that much will change.


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