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Nice restoration job to complete for someone - 1925 14/30 Star tourer


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I spotted this interesting item coming up for auction on Pickles Auctions website - a partially-completed restoration of a 1925 Star 14/30 tourer.


It's obviously from a deceased estate, and someone has been very careful to ensure that all the parts, information and documentation have been all kept together, to make the job easier for the new owner.

It's difficult to determine what is missing exactly as regards parts and components and accessories needed to complete the vehicle - but I'd have to guess it's about 98% complete.


I was quite surprised to see the massive 4 wheel brakes on this car - a rarity in that era, where just rear wheel brakes were regarded as entirely adequate, and front wheel brakes regarded as dangerous and foolish.

But apparently, the Star company offered the 4-wheel brakes as an option and the width of them is quite substantial, as compared to most brakes of the day. The Star car designers were obviously quite forward in their thinking.


I believe there's only a few Star cars in existence in Australia, they went bankrupt in 1932 thanks to the Great Depression. Star were one of the earliest car manufacturers and produced their cars from 1898, initially largely a copy of the Benz.

However, I understand the Star cars were well thought of, their quality of build was outstanding, but they had to be priced accordingly, which put them out of reach of many people.


The Star 14/30 was only built from 1924 to 1927 and only about 1000 were produced in that period. I would guess there's probably less than half a dozen Star cars surviving in Australia.






There's a comprehensive history of the Star company on the website below.




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I erred in presuming the Star was from a deceased estate. It appears the owner is still alive, but obviously getting frail, and is apparently clearing out his restoration collection.

An additional item up for auction from the same seller is an unrestored 1925 AJS motorcycle - another good restoration job for someone keen on bikes. Both the AJS and the Star car are located in Narrandera, NSW.




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