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Elon Musk hates being tracked in his jet, and is frightened of being popped off by a "nutter"


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So, it appears that the IT squillionaires are quite happy to ensure the ordinary Joe Citizen is included in the "internet of things", and has to give up all his privacy to be part of the 21st century, so the tech giants and their owners can make more squillions - but when it comes to THEIR privacy, they're basically terrified of their whereabouts being made public (via publically-available information) - and in many rich Americans cases, despite constantly pushing the mantra of the "land of the Free", and defending unlimited firearm ownership, they're secretly terrified of the massive proliferation of firearms in their society.




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You've got to hand it to the kid for being able, first to identify sources of information, then to be able to assemble the information in a useful manner. He has a great future in the Intelligence gathering industry, either working for governments, or for the corporate world. If he got into the corporate world, I bet he'd work out a way to determine the mint date of the coin the Tooth Fairy left under your grandchild's pillow.

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