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This makes me cringe

old man emu

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I watched some firearms related videos this morning. A couple related to the Alec Baldwin on-set shooting incident, and the other was a chat with a gun store owner about first gun purchases. 


The Baldwin-related videos discussed the operation of the type of gun that was involved, pointing out the in-built anti-discharge features of the gun. Basically, the discussion centred around the safe handling of the firearm. It would be reasonable to deduce that firearms safety practices were extremely slack. It will be a matter for the Courts to decide the level of negligence and to apportion culpability fairly.


The second video frightens me by the impression that it makes that purchasing a firearm is little different from choosing aftershave or perfume. There is so much that is cringeworthy in the attitude of the retailer that I can't list everything. Just take a look and say what you think.


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