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Meddling with the language


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All of George Carlin's routines are very funny. On the topic of language and usage, this routine  This list of list  "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television",  was compiled by Carlin to flow better in a comedy routine. Nonetheless, a radio broadcast featuring these words led to a Supreme Court decision in FCC v. Pacifica Foundation that helped define the extent to which the federal government could regulate speech on broadcast television and radio in the United States.  In a 2004 interview, he said:  These words have no power. We give them this power by refusing to be free and easy with them. We give them great power over us. They really, in themselves, have no power. It's the thrust of the sentence that makes them either good or bad.




This deals with the Supreme Court matter. I think Dax will go ape shit over it. https://www.biography.com/news/george-carlin-seven-words-supreme-court

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