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John MacAfee has committed suicide in a Spanish jail when he learnt he was to be extradited to the U.S.


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I always considered that John MacAfee was a bit of a crook - and it appears, as with most crooks - he knew he was going to be caught up with, and exposed as a full-time crook, if he went back to the U.S., to be tried in their justice system.


I'll wager there will be a number of books written about this bloke, who like many people with a range of personality disorders (as I believe MacAfee suffered from), pose a real conundrum in their everyday life behaviours.

At times, technically brilliant and innovative, at other times, a lack of ethics and morals coming to the fore in his behaviour. A fair pointer to the blokes character is his claim to have fathered 47 children in a multitude of countries.


This does not show a stable personality, nor one with any interest in raising children, just producing them. Also, his lifestyle of bouncing around from country to country for residence, and retreating to living on a boat (to obviously try and stay out of reach of various legal jurisdictions) all point to a person who knew he had done a lot of wrong things, and was trying to stay in front of the law.



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Do you trust the Yanks or their justice system? I don't and the yanks also don't. Why would anyone else. They are not the only bad apple in the barrel. just look at how Australia handles justice and also Britain.

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