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A week in politics...


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has been redefined to be an epoc, as a day seems to be a long time, these days..


Listening/watching ABC news on yootoob, here is a summary of the big things:

  • Daniel Andrews will face a vote of no confidence as his senior public servant resigns over what can only be said as misleading the COVID hotel inquiry
  • The NSW premier faces a vote of no confidence due to her relationship with a dodgy MP under investigation by ICAC - apparently, she hada close personal relationship she maintained after he was chastised/booted out for misconduct.,
  • The QLD Liberals have referred their leader to the state electoral commission for dodgy fund raising with property developers - illegal in QLD (lookikng at what they have done to the Sunshine coast - no wonder!) - during an election campaign...


What else is about to come out?


(BTW, in no way am I saying any of the above is or isn't justified - but you must have a headache already if you are waking up to this)..


No wonder WA occasionally want to become an independent nation!

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All events typical of the politicians we have nowadays.


Is it any wonder that people are utterly sick and tired of them. It used to be that a person stood for a Seat in order to represent their community and to benefit it. Now candidates with little or no knowledge of local conditions and concerns are parachuted into seats merely as a reward for their back room work for the Party. A Seat in Parliament has become a seat on the gravy train. Most people in an electorate would know more about the members of their favourite football team than their Local Member and the footballers would take more pride in representing their locality, and doing community work (including Community Service Orders 😏)

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It never ceases to surprise me, the number of MP's who are almost invisible, and merely "seat warmers", who suddenly appear when a political crisis arrives - and you're left saying, "Who TF is this MP? I've never heard of them, or seen them, before now?"


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