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After flexing its military muscles on the International stage during the final 12 months of World War l, the USA developed a paranoia that Britain would attack the USA through Canada. The thought was not that Britain wanted to usurp USA territory, but wanted to diminish Britain's war debt to the USA. 


The USA and Mexico had been fighting each other along that border since 1910, but that ended in late 1918. After that, and the end of WWl, the US military had no hot spots in which it could let its commanders gain actual fighting experience. So the paranoia of a British invasion from Canada provided at least the playing field for practice.


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Nothing coming out of America surprises me any more; a land of immense wealth, potential.., and boundless paranoia.

Perhaps their people never swallowed the myths about the great frontier era and, deep down, realise their nation was built on violence and subjugation... and fear retribution is coming.

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