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Spare a thought for the ladies

old man emu

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I know that this is a male-dominated forum, but it's time to point out one of the stupid rules made to control C-19 that affects our other halves.


For the past 35 years or a little longer, women have been going to nail salons to have either false nails, or protective material applied to their own, for appearance sake. These nail salons have become an integral part of the beauty industry. Come C-19 and these nail salons have been ordered to close "to prevent close contact spread of the virus". However, hairdressers remain open to provide "mental health benefits".


The most stupid thing about this is that long before C-19 was even evolving, the staff at nail salons were wearing face masks for WH&S reasons - they work in a dusty environment. So, while a woman can quite easily attend to the condition of her hair, including all sorts of treatment from washing to colouring, she can't maintain the appearance of one of the most important communication tools humans use - her hands.


Mind you, these rules are made by the government. Some government leaders don't think appearance counts.




If the closure of nail salons continues, then this is what the government will face at the next election


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New Zealand has a lady leader. Qld has a lady leader and senior health officer and the virus has not been too bad in either place. Gladys and NSW had to put up with the stuff up of the Ruby Princess and apart from that it would have been a lot better.

The USA and the UK were not so lucky, they certainly didn't have any lady and Belgium, which is the State with the highest deaths per head of population has a man as PM. Gladys would look a lot better if it wasn't for the stuff up with the Ruby Princess. That was a case of beurocrats running the show. Sorry about the doubling up. The first post disappeared and then came back to bite me.

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It's not about the gender of the political leader, it's more about their lack of connection with the community. It can be taken as read that male leaders would not have a thought about the various services women use when dealing with their physical appearance. It's be shown often enough - ask a leading politician how much a loaf of bread and 3 litres of milk costs and they need a Senate Enquiry to give the answer that any number of retirees can give faster than a Chaser.


I would have thought that a female politician, battling male domination of politics, or business, would give consideration to the importance of appearance in public.

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