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It's a small world


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Yesterday eve, I popped into the local wine shop to get a bottle of "punchy" red. I asked for this as the wine shop mainle sells French stuff and I didn't feel like the subtle (bland) flavours of France. He suggested maybe I try and Aussie Shiraz (result). He pulled out a bottle of "The Hairy Arm". I took a look at it, and it comes from Sunbury (just down the road from Tulla). At around the same time I exclaimed I didn't know wines were grown in Sunbury - Mt Macedon, yes.. but Sunbury, a bloke with a posh accent (and either a lawyer or banker) walked in. He was a little senior to me and remarked that Sunbury is famous for its music festival and how he attended it int he 70s.. And his favourite was Billy Thorpe and teh Aztecs.. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I explained I was about 6 when he saw the Aztecs. We struck up a conversation - my parents bought the house he lived in in Melb as he was emigrating to the UK.. in the mid 70s!


Bloomin small world, it is...



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Sunbury had vineyards way back before the nematodes wiped it out. It's also famous for the ASHES.. I grew Shiraz at Lake Boga and sold it to the French. at one stage.. A good shiraz (internationally called SYRAH) can be a top drink for people who like a bit of Guts and complexity, flavour and colour . It's a varietal we do well at times.  Penfolds have some good examples..  Got the "Winemaker of the  Year" award a few years ago. Nev



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